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Summary and Classification of Transfer Paper

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Summary and Classification of Transfer Paper

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Transfer paper is an inkjet printer that prints the pattern to be stamped and then prints it on clothes. It is mainly divided into light transfer paper and dark transfer paper. Light transfer paper is suitable for printing light clothes such as white, and dark transfer paper is suitable for printing dark clothes such as black.

Also known as subpoena paper. Used for making tram and bus summons. Its properties are similar to those of mechanical wood pulp posters, but the color range is wider. Quantitative over 100 g/, excellent uniformity and thickness, high stiffness and appearance (such as smooth and delicate surface). It is made of mechanical wood pulp on a long net paper machine.


Transfer paper can also be divided into metal transfer paper and pigment transfer paper. Generally speaking, it also includes coated paper produced with thermal or pressure sensitive coatings, paper with wet transfer film on the surface, such as engraving transfer film engraving.

Light color A4

Light T-shirt paper

Light-color transfer paper is suitable for printing patterns on light-color clothes. The transfer paper has high color reduction, wrinkle-free, elastic, tear-free, excellent handle and no heavy feeling. It's the best choice to transfer T-shirts and personalized cultural shirts. It's best to transfer them to 100% light cotton cloth, including t-shirt, hat, etc. Wash 100% without falling off or fading. Light transfer paper is best printed with waterproof pigment ink.


Individual T-shirt heat transfer paper for chemical fibre or blended fabrics: suitable for printing patterns on light chemical fibre clothing, but also for making hot-stamping cups, porcelain plates, etc.

The color of the pattern transferred by the transfer paper is highly restored and has no feel. T-shirt is the best choice for transfer printing of chemical fibre blended fabrics! Wash 100% without fading. At the same time, thermal sublimation transfer paper can print products such as cups, plates, pearlescent boards and so on. Ink transfer capacity reaches more than 90%, which is twice as much as inkjet paper. Thermal sublimation transfer paper must be printed with heat transfer ink.

Dark T-shirt paper

Dark transfer paper is a kind of heat transfer paper. It mainly prints dark clothes. Because dark clothes are too dark and have strong ability to cover other colors, it needs medium to print pictures. This requires dark transfer paper.

Features: strong adhesion, wrinkle-free, elastic, no sense of thickness, if the conditions are limited, you can print with ordinary ink. Save more consumables! Suitable for transfer printing: dark T-shirt, backpack, hat, jeans (trousers), clothing (100% cotton, 50% cotton, chemical fiber, hemp, wool, synthetic fiber) personality transfer printing.

Inkjet paper

A4 surface, fine surface, ceramics, metal, semi-cotton, silk materials for transfer printing special, super ink transfer less than thermal sublimation paper.

Dark color

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