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Development History and Market Prospect of Transfer Paper

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Development History and Market Prospect of Transfer Paper

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Development History and Market Prospect of Transfer Paper

Development history

At present, the most advanced technology of heat transfer paper production in the world is the United States, which has established international standards for heat transfer paper production. The world's most authoritative transfer paper coating research and production organization is the United States "One Step Papers" research institute, the earliest inkjet hot transfer paper research began in 1983, the world's first thermal transfer paper was born in the United States Step Research Laboratory.


market prospect

AW is the earliest professional company in the field of inkjet heat transfer paper in the world. Its Transjet II series transfer paper is from "One Step Papers" organization and is the world's top quality transfer paper product. It is commonly known as American imported transfer paper or American hot stamping paper. Its TRANSSTAR brand entered the mainland market in 2008, and TRANSSTAR brand has become the most popular one in recent years. The most effective heat transfer paper brand in the world is recognized on the Chinese market.Transfer paper can realize personalized customization service for small batch multi-color matching fabric printing, which solves the difficult problems of traditional screen printing matching process and large printing requirements. Therefore, it is increasingly welcomed by clothing typesetting designers and personalized customized clothing manufacturers, and has a very broad market application prospect.

Dark transfer paper is a kind of heat transfer paper. It mainly prints dark clothes. Because dark clothes are too dark and have strong ability to cover other colors, it needs medium to print pictures. This requires dark transfer paper.

Features: strong adhesion, wrinkle-free, elastic, no sense of thickness, if the conditions are limited, you can print with ordinary ink. Save more consumables! Suitable for transfer printing: dark T-shirt, backpack, hat, jeans (trousers), clothing (100% cotton, 50% cotton, chemical fiber, hemp, wool, synthetic fiber) personality transfer printing.

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