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Preparations for the production of wood grain transfer paper

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Preparations for the production of wood grain transfer paper

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Preparations for the production of wood grain transfer paper

In order to prolong the service life of wood grain transfer printing, the following preparations should be made for the production of wood grain transfer printing:

1. Whether the power supply, voltage, compressed air pressure and top blower are working properly or not. Whether the furnace temperature can meet the needs and so on, confirm that all equipment can operate normally before production can be organized.

2. Prepare the corresponding wood-grain paper according to the production plan.

3. There are no dust particles in the converter and dust-free workplaces.

Above are some preparations for the production of woodwork transfer printing. Production in strict accordance with the regulations will lead to a longer service life of our equipment! 

Before transferring wood grain to material, we need to check the work before feeding, so what should we check before transferring wood grain to material?

4. Profiles produced by wood grain transfer printing shall be inspected according to the Internal Control Standard for surface quality and appearance. Profiles with surface quality defects such as bending, twisting, bubbles and bumps shall be placed in designated areas to be inspected.

5. Check if there are any defects on the surface of the wood grain transfer profiles, such as oil, stains, serious scratches and color difference, which affect the quality of the wood grain transfer printing. If there are defects, they should be treated as unqualified (oil stains can be wiped off with rags). Find and inspect more than 5 batches.

Careful inspection of the quality of wood grain before transfer printing is of great help to the production of wood grain transfer printing in the later period.

In the production process of wood grain transfer printing, there will be the process of feeding. In the process of wood grain transfer printing, we should pay attention to the following matters:

6. The operator must ensure that there is no dirt on his hands or wear clean gloves. The profiles on the shelves must be inspected and listed as qualified products.

7. The spacing between profiles depends on the circumference of profiles. It can not overlap the profiles. The gap between profiles must be guaranteed so that the workpiece can fully contact the wood-grain paper.

8. Vacuum suction tube on the processing machine can not be placed on the workpiece, but on the end of the profile.


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