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Production Principle of Wood Texture Transfer Paper

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Production Principle of Wood Texture Transfer Paper

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Production Principle of Wood Texture Transfer Paper

1. The product base oil spray is too thin, resulting in a good spray of light oil will bite the bottom.

2. Light oil boiling oil and water is too strong.

3. Activator spraying less, not fully activated membrane paper will bite the bottom.

4. When baking water, it is not thoroughly dried, and the base oil is not completely dried.

Improvement measures

1. If the paint has been baked at high temperature, sand directly and re-spray the base oil;

2. If it's PC ABS oil, wash the paint with anti-whitening oil and re-work.

3. The bottom oil of the product must be sprayed evenly.

4. If the boiling oil is too strong, add some xylene.

5. If the membrane paper is not fully activated, the activation dose can be increased appropriately.

6. If the base oil is not completely dry, warming and baking time should be appropriate.

The surface of the products after wood grain transfer printing has excellent light resistance, wear resistance and corrosion resistance. It can keep the color unchanged for many years, and is easy to operate, which greatly improves the production efficiency. There are two common ways of laying paper for wood grain transfer printing, which are introduced as follows:

1. Cover type:

1) Before paper laying, high temperature resistant cloth strips should be laid on both ends according to the length of profiles, and the position of profiles should not exceed 2 cm to prevent scratching.

2) Put the wood-grain transfer printing of the wood-grain paper on the bottom of the operating table, the wood-grain paper must be longer than the workpiece, and sweep the wood-grain paper with chicken feathers.

2. Pumping bag type:

1) Cut paper bags according to the area of aluminium profile. Put aluminium profiles in paper bags. Generally, bagging is more than one-third before vacuuming.

2) Put the profiles on the cut bags and wrap the edges.


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