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What is the difference between thermal sublimation transfer paper and thermal transfer paper?

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What is the difference between thermal sublimation transfer paper and thermal transfer paper?

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It is understood that both heat sublimation transfer paper and heat transfer paper are used for heat transfer process, but the former is to infiltrate heat transfer ink into objects through high temperature, while the latter is to print patterns on special paper with special heat transfer ink, and then transfer patterns to the surface of objects under the action of high temperature and high pressure. Of course, no matter what kind of product, it is in order to upgrade the product grade, so as to have better market competitiveness.

Thermal sublimation transfer paper used in thermal transfer printing process can present patterns through sublimation, so reasonable selection of products will be the basis to achieve better results. Only if the product quality can be up to the standard, can it have a good benefit, so that it can be recognized in terms of quality.

In fact, they are used for heat transfer paper, in order to make a variety of exquisite portraits, landscapes or letters and other media that can be attached to the product. Of course, we should choose and purchase products according to the actual use of the occasion, so as to meet the overall efficiency requirements, so as to play a greater role in the use of the effect. In order to be more satisfactory in terms of quality, we still need to have a comprehensive understanding, and then improve the aesthetics of the products. So the scientific choice is very critical. From the introduction above, thermal sublimation transfer paper is widely used in thermal transfer process, and it is no different from thermal transfer paper, so it is very important to make a reasonable choice. Only when the quality is good, can consumers recognize it. Therefore, when choosing and purchasing products, we should have a comprehensive understanding so as to achieve the desired results. In order to meet the requirements of reliability, we should purchase products from professional manufacturers in order to meet the requirements of heat transfer printing.


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